Take a look at your clothes. What colours can you see?
What caused your clothes to be these colours?

Today most clothes are dyed with chemical dyes, but before these were invented, people used natural dyes. Some are still being used today.

nat dye.jpg
What are natural dyes?
Natural dyes are made from plants, rocks, earth
(natural things, not man-made)

Some colours were harder to make than others.

Which colours do you think were easier to make?
Which colours do you think were difficult to make?

We are going to learn about how people used to dye fabric with natural dyes, and we are going to do some investigating ourselves!

What natural products could we use to dye our fabric?
Think about how we could get a variety of colours.

Room 3 are experimenting with natural dyes.
First we predict what the colour might be, then we investigate!

Teagan is putting tumeric powder into the pot with the salt, water, and calico. The fabric turned an amazing goldy yellow!

We used blueberries to dye the calico. Kieran and Katie are looking at the end result!