Anzac Day 25 Aprilpoppy_anzac.jpg

Can you see Turkey, Gallipoli, and Anzac Cove?
A photo of some troops landing at Anzac CoveAnzac-cove-460x276.jpg

An ANZAC soldier carrying an injured manAnzac_ANZAC_soldier_carrying_a_wounded_comrade_on_Gallipoli.jpg

The poppy grew in the mud and soil of Flanders.
Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae wrote this poem 'In Flanders Fields'in-flanders-field-copy-of-original-signed-001.jpgin_flanders_fields_by_leppardra-d339tlf.jpg

Today people gather at Anzac services to remember those who served in wars,and especially those who went to Gallipoli. Will you go to an Anzac service on Anzac Day?

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.poppy2.gif